Anytime Maths

So Who Are We?

simon imageSimon Rae     

B.Teach.(Primary), B.Ed.(Primary)

After completing his studies at the University of Technology, Sydney in 1999, Simon spent a year travelling and coordinating Outdoor Education Camps in Holland, Switzerland, France and England.

By 2001 he began his full-time teaching career in London as a Year 4 teacher. Two years later he was offered the Year 3 teaching position at an exclusive boy’s Prep School, where he moved on to fulfil the role of Head of Junior School.

Upon returning to Australia, Simon was offered a teaching job at Shore, one of Australia’s most established independent schools. During his 6 years here, Simon also took on the roles of Stage Leader of Years 3-4, Years 5-6 and Deputy Head.

Since deciding to leave the classroom setting, Simon had been busy building Lifestyle Tutoring for Kids!

Carly Rae 

B.A Child Studies (Honours), B.Ed.(Primary)

Carly grew up in Canada and studied at one of the best teaching universities in the province. After graduating, she decided that England was the place to start her teaching career and set off on her travelling and teaching lifestyle.

She quickly accepted the role as a Year 1 teacher at a local state school. Two years later, she was offered a Year 1 teacher/Science Coordinator position at Highgate, one of London’s leading independent school’s.

Her study, years of teaching and years spent at home with her three children have taught her an enormous amount about the trials and tribulations that come with raising a young family. So much so that she has started writing a book about it!

Whilst Carly is not in front of the camera, she is very much a part of the strategic and curriculum development of the business and is excited at the prospect of helping kids to achieve their potential.